Proudly sponsoring The Clapham Feelers

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Supporting London’s first LGBTQ+ touch rugby team

Doesn’t everyone look great in their PHOENIXD jerseys? Founded in 2015, the Clapham Feelers has grown from 6 players per week to 40+ across two sessions per week. The Blue team won their first ever #touchmybrum tournament this year and both teams have had an unstoppable year. Go FEELERS!

The camaraderie amongst the team on and off the field is well and truly alive and kickin’. It’s not just all about keeping fit and playing on the field. Everyone is warm, friendly and super supportive of each other. This is well and truly down to their friend and leader, Trent. An Australian ex-touch rugby player who created the team back in 2015. And the rest is history and growing stronger by the week, evidently!

The team run various fundraising events throughout the year and have a fantastic social calendar supporting local LGTBQ+ venues and more locally. Drinks to that!

How to join

The Clapham Feelers is an open and inclusive LGTBQ+ touch rugby team and social club. There is always a cool off session in the pub after a game or practice. The London based touch rugby welcome players at every experience level and also encourages anyone who has not played touch rugby before. Players with more experience, will head straight into the games and for any one not yet ready, you will be coached and guided through your first few games. What are you waiting for? Follow The Feelers and sign up via their Instagram page

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