Product review: Unicorn SPiT staining glaze

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Why we choose Unicorn SPiT

When looking for quality paint and stains, our furniture upcyclers are drawn to the whimsical colours of Unicorn SPiT. Particularly, when the client favours maximalist interior styling. The colour range is like no other and the stain can be diluted to suit glass painting and even pottery. Another tip-top selling point? It’s non-toxic and so is safe to use in the home, on just about any surface.

We were grateful for a transformational commission that came our way for an old set of wooden drawers. Pink and glittery was the desired colourway for this rather dull looking piece of furniture. Since the drawers were made of softwood, our designer incorporated the Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) technique to make the wood grain pop first of all. The contrast of the charred wood grain and the ‘Starling Sasha’ is magical. Exactly what our client had in mind for their newly styled piece of furniture.

How does it feel to work with?

The product itself did not need to be diluted because it seeps into the wood slightly and we wanted the pink hues to be as bright as possible. You can dilute it with water up to 70% to achieve a more washed out effect.

Applied using a regular paintbrush and sponge, it glided on like a dream. The drying time was only three hours and only one coat was required to achieve the look. Once dry, the process was followed with a light sand and a layer of beeswax for additional shine.

Before the wood stain is applied, the drawers underwent the Yakisugi wood burning treatment

The verdict

We will continue incorporating Unicorn SPiT into our upcycle designs, especially for commissions that require extra dazzle and pizzazz.

If you have an old set of drawers or a piece of furniture and you would love to see it transformed, upload your old wooden furniture pics today to GET STARTED. Remember, our £50 discounted offer is running until the 1/12/21.