Second hand September

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What is second hand September all about? 

The second-hand September campaign was introduced by Oxfam and is back for the third year running.

The Oxfam initiative encourages the UK to purchase second-hand clothing or mend clothing during the month of September. According to Oxfam, “13 million items of used clothing will end up in UK landfill every week”.  

Donating old clothing and textiles will prevent it from ending up in landfill because it will be re-sold. Any unwanted clothing/ textile donations which cannot be re-sold are put to other valuable use, such as mattress filling. A genuine win-win all round.

Top reasons for taking part in second hand September

  1. It’s much better for the environment and will prevent unnecessary landfill. 
  1. Unleash the creative buyer in you! Shop vintage or retro styles to mix and match with your current wardrobe. 
  1. Donating unwanted clothing frees up your wardrobe space for new charity shop bargains and thrift shop finds. 
  1. Be a part of an important movement use the hashtag #secondhandseptember to show off your finds via Instagram and don’t forget to tag @OxfamGB
  1. Soul boosting – be a climate change crusader. By donating or buying clothing from Oxfam, you will be helping raise funds for communities affected by climate emergencies.

Second hand September and beyond @ PHOENIXD

Tackling fast fashion is super important to us to help cut greenhouse emissions as well as preventing unnecessary landfill. We feel equally as strong about the fast furniture industry. Hence the PHOENIXD idea was hatched. Our mission is to combine our passion for design and sustainability. In turn, we are helping to educate the benefits of upcycling as we go. Brilliant!

Fast-furniture has gained popularity due to the ever-changing interior trends we see on social media today. We believe old wooden furniture should be restored, not forgotten and given a second life. Like the Phoenix who rose from the ashes in Biblical times.

Check out our exclusive furniture upcycling designs online. If you see a design you love, send us your old furniture images and we can re-create the look. Or tell us your re-style ideas. Click here to begin and ‘Get it Phoenixd’

We also pride ourselves on building a community of upcyclers to keep the movement strong and kicking. Our skilled, expert furniture partners are at the ready to start your project today!