Furniture upcycling vs fast-furniture

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table originalThe declaration of a ‘code red’ for humanity in this week’s UN scientific report means that we are encouraged to look closely at our everyday habits. “We can each make a difference,” to address climate change is the key message. And so for us, furniture upcycling is vital now and more than ever.

We have followed Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg’s determined appeals worldwide. The UN’s declaration for a code red reinforces a need for immediate change. As a result, it will strike a personal chord with just about everyone, ideally.

As a company, we applaud and stand by Thunberg’s stance on fast-fashion in this month’s issue of VOGUE, Scandinavia. Although, we firmly believe fast-furniture should be acknowledged today too.

For instance, the increasing amount of online furniture retailers and ever-changing interiors trends are contributing vastly to the fast-furniture culture. Ultimately, leading to more landfill in years to come.  


Would you expect to be able to purchase a £40 desk from a supermarket giant to work from home on? The answer is, quite simply, probably not!

The materials used to manufacture fast furniture are not always 100% recyclable and will often end up in landfill. Fast-furniture is throwaway, easily replaced, manufactured with excess chemicals and combined with plastics.  


table upcycledGiving new life to old quality wooden furniture is what we do best. We promote a high-end furniture upcycling service because we are passionate about connecting our furniture maker partners with work.

As a result, the furniture upcycling community will remain strong and continue to be in demand.
We are truly doing what we love and this is shown with every piece of Phoenixd upcycled furniture that we create.

If furniture upcycling is not a viable option – and perhaps you prefer a new piece of furniture, we will collect your good-quality unwanted furniture for FREE. We will give the furniture a ‘PHOENIXD treatment’ and donate 20% of the sale to our chosen environmental charity because we care about our carbon footprint. You might even be tempted to buy it back!  

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